A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Henry is a man cursed with a terrible tantrum. After receiving a premonition from a strange dream, he heads out to find out just why he's been afflicted, and what can be done to rid himself of the curse.

Made with RPG Maker MV, and heavily inspired by games like OFF and Space Funeral, this is my first big project after a few practice projects. It's my hope to create a short and easy game that fans of said games can enjoy.

This is a demo using all the base assets from RPG Maker, and some music that isn't mine. Eventually everything is to be replaced with original art and content.

If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback/bugs to report, please contact me at clanes.tumblr.com

Install instructions

Download the game, and run game.exe located within the folder if it doesn't run through the itch client


Angry Henry's Expedition: Win Demo 414 MB
Version 7 Feb 25, 2017
Angry Henry's Expedition: Mac Demo 414 MB
Version 6 Feb 25, 2017

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